Translating text for hours doesn't have to be painful.

Meet tradugo, a clutter-free, cloud-based app for translators looking for something different.


An innovative human-first editor
Tradugo's side-by-side editor values human work, instead of automatic computer translations
Simplified & clutter-free
More focus during long periods of reading & writing
Collaborative work
Create and join shared workspaces to work together

Helpful meta-data
Easily flag paragraphs for review, write notes or participate in a discussion
Easy on your eyes
Carefully thought color schemes and customizable font options
In the cloud
Work from anywhere, anytime. Unlimited content storage.



Fade-out unfocused paragraphs


Solarized. One of the 4 available color schemes.


Comments per paragraph


Manage multiple private or shared workspaces


Keep your work organized and always at a glance

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Plans & Pricing

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Standard Premium
Unlimited storage & content
Unlimited workspaces
Create shared workspaces
Join shared workspaces
30-day backups
Workspace-wide glossaries
Advanced import & export coming soon
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Getting Started Guide
The Getting Started guide is a great way to understand the basics of tradugo, as well as learning a few important tips to take the most out of the editor.
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Hi! I'm Nuno Donato, the developer of tradugo.

I do quite a lot of translations, usually from books or lengthy articles. I spent many hours with two Word windows, side-by-side, but found out that it's frustrating to keep both documents in the same position all the time.

When I searched for professional translation software I found out that all of them were cluttered with features I didn't need and were very pricey. All I wanted was a simple and comfortable way to read, translate and write.

As a software developer, I decided to scratch-my-own-itch and create a tool that I'd love to use every day. And thus tradugo was born!

Tradugo is still being developed and improved, with a few more upcoming features and bug-fixing on the way. I work alone in this project, but I try to reply to any request in a reasonable timeframe :)

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